Retriderm - Retinol 1% Serum - 30ml

Retriderm - Retinol 1% Serum - 30ml


The advanced and clinically proven Vitamin A serum that visibly and physically rejuvenates aged skin. The 1.0% retinol serum is ideal for those with higher levels of photo-damage. It can also be used as the second step in our Retriderm step-up programme, in which you move up from 0.5% to the 1.0% retinol serum for enhanced results with minimal irritation.

Use Retriderm in the evening, building up from 1-2 times per week to 3-4 times per week. Always use Heliocare broad spectrum, high-level UV protection during the day when using Retriderm as you will become more sensitive to photo-damage.

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