Facial Volume

Facial Volume

A young looking face has round contours, high cheekbones and a well defined Jawline. There are smooth curves, from the cheeks to the edge of the nose, without hollows. Ageing causes the soft tissues of the face to loose volume. Skin also loses elasticity and then, gravity takes hold. The skin starts to sag, pulling the features downwards.

Dermal fillers restore facial volume by:

  • Subtly reshaping the cheeks to make them high and firm
  • Adding volume to areas which need a little support or enhancement
  • Recreating more youthful facial proportions
  • Smoothing the jawline
  • Accentuating the curve of cheekbone
  • Replenishing moisture so skin regains natural elasticity and tone
  • Giving a gentle lifting effect without surgery

As facial volume treatments are non surgical, there is very little recovery time. You may well find that people comment on your refreshed, bright look rather than pin-point the actual reason you look better. This means that the results are subtle and you will look your natural best.

Procedure Time Male or Female Cost
1 Hour Suitable for Both From £215
Anaesthetic Recovery Post and Pre-Op Care
Topical 24 Hours Click Here

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