Facial Lines

Facial Lines

Young skin is constantly moisturised from within by Hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid absorbs moisture and keeps your skin well hydrated for a youthful look.

As we age, our skin loses Hyaluronic acid and fine lines start to appear on the face. Some lines become wrinkles due to outside factors like sun exposure, diet and years of facial muscle movement. Fat loss can create sagging and turn lines into folds, too.

Wrinkles and fine lines commonly appear along the lips and eyes and between the nose and mouth. Even though our wrinkles come with a wonderful history of laughter and smiles, we often wish we could preserve our natural look and hold onto our youthful glow.

Skindustry™ can help to treat everything from fine lines to deep folds and wrinkles, including:

  • Glabella Frown Lines
  • Crow’s Feet
  • Naso-labial Folds
  • Vertical Lip Lines
  • ‘Marionette’ Wrinkles from Mouth to Chin

As facial line treatments are non surgical, there is very little recovery time. You may well find that people comment on your refreshed, bright look rather than pin-point the actual reason you look better. This means that the results are subtle and you will look your natural best.

Procedure Time Male or Female Cost
1 Hour Suitable for Both From £215
Anaesthetic Recovery Post and Pre-Op Care
Topical 24 Hours Click Here

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