Obagi™ Medical Products are a global speciality pharmaceutical company founded by Dr Zein Obagi. He is a world renowned board certified dermatologist. Dr. Zein Obagi redefined skincare to go beyond simply treating diseased and damaged skin. His pioneering philosophy embraced the ground-breaking concept of creating and maintaining continuously healthy skin. 

Obagi™ offer a range of products for all ages and all skin types. ‘Obagi for Life™’ is their commitment to you and a lifetime of beautiful, healthy looking skin. Obagi™ embraces a role as a leader in skin health, which is based on a belief that regardless of your age or skin type, there truly is an Obagi™ for everyone. 

Obagi™ products are designed to minimize the appearance of premature skin aging, skin damage, hyperpigmentation, acne and sun damage. Obagi™ is available through dermatologists, plastic surgeons, medical spas, and skin care physicians.

Skindustry™ can help you find your ideal skin care solution for: 

  • Anti-ageing correction and maintenance
  • Preventing & correcting early signs of ageing 
  • Prevention
  • Dehydrated skin
  • Clearing acne & blemishes 
  • Protecting skin from damage 
  • Restoring elasticity around the eyes
  • Lightening discolouration on chest & neck
Skindustry™ are proud to be able to offer:

  • Transformation Systems
  • Nu-Derm® System – Advanced photo ageing, moderate to severe wrinkles, stubborn hyperpigmentation, rough uneven skin, adult acne, enhancement of procedure results
  • Nu-Derm® Fx System – Photo ageing, moderate to severe wrinkles, mild-to-moderate hyperpigmentation, rough uneven skin, adult acne
  • Obagi-C® Rx System – Mild photo ageing, mild to moderate visible hyperpigmentation, loss of youthful glow, dull skin, mild fine lines, preventing future damage from exposure to UV
  • Obagi-C® Fx System – Mild photo ageing, minimal hyperpigmentation, loss of youthful glow, dull skin, mild fine lines, preventing future damage from exposure to UV
  • Obagi 360™ System- Dullness, uneven skin tone, dry skin, minimal fine lines and wrinkles, occasional breakouts, loss of radiance
  • CLENZIderm MD™ System – Effective treatment and prevention of acne, minimising side effects of other acne treatments 
  • Professional – C Serums™ - Photo damage prevention and protection, achieving lighter, brighter, softer skin
  • ELASTIderm® Eye Treatment – Reduction in the appearance of upper and lower eye area wrinkles, laxity and puffiness to achieve younger-looking eyes 
  • ELASTIderm® Décolletage System & Fx – Reduction in the appearance of wrinkling on the chest and neck, rough uneven skin tone and texture, pigmentation 
  • Obagi Hydrate™ - Improve skin moisture retention, relief from tight or dry skin  

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