The multi award winning Heliocare®  range provides every day, clinically advanced and anti ageing protection and prevention due to its:

  • SPF50 and broad spectrum UVB/UVA protection 
  • Clinically and scientifically proven anti oxidant activity
  • Skin cell DNA protection and repair 

The latter is provided by the patented, clinically proven Fernblock plant extract, a natural clinically proven skin specific anti oxidant complex containing ferulic acid, caffeic acid and other potent polyphenol anti oxidants.  This is combined with other evidence based anti oxidants and DNA repair enzyme ingredients. 

The renowned “great skin-loving feel” Heliocare® Advanced Gel and XF Gel encourage daily use.  The Heliocare® Colour range producys are the ideal multi tasking, busy lifestyle protect and prevent anti ageing products as they also provide great foundation cover and moisturisation. 

Skindustry™ can help you find your ideal skin care solution for: 

  • Protection from photo ageing
  • Skin damage prevention
  • Ideal for periods of high UV exposure and outdoor lifestyles 
  • Anti-ageing protection and prevention
  • Pre and post treatment care
Skindustry™ are proud to be able to offer:

  • Heliocare® Compact SPF 50 Brown
  • Heliocare® Compact SPF 50 Light
  • Heliocare® Cream SPF 50
  • Heliocare® Cream SPF 90
  • Heliocare® Gel SPF 50 
  • Heliocare® Gel SPF 50+
  • Heliocare® Colour Gelcream Light SPF 50 
  • Heliocare® Colour Hydragel Sun Touch SPF 50 
  • Heliocare® Gelcream Brown SPF 50
  • Heliocare® Oil Free Compact SPF 50 Brown
  • Heliocare® Oil Free Compact SPF 50 Light
  • Heliocare® Silk Gel SPF 30 
  • Heliocare® Spray SPF 50
  • Heliocare® XF Gel SPF 50
  • Heliocare® 360 Fluid Cream SPF 50+
  • Heliocare® 360 Airgel SPF 50+

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